Processing of personal data

Studio Sergel can process personal data if the person in question has actively given consent to the processing. This can happen through the checking of a checkbox for consent in the process of filling in a contact form that exists on the webpage. 

If you have given consent you can revoke this and at that point the processing of personal data will cease, assuming that the data is not necessary to process in order to complete duties or obligations that is apparent from law or according to demands from official authorities.

If you desire to revoke your consent and remove your stored personal data you can contact us at

Our core principles

Vasakronan AB (publ), 556061-4603, ("Vasakronan") is personal data controller for Studio Sergel. When it concerns processing of personal data Vasakronan follows GDPR, and other data protection regulations.

Vasakronan has an internal integrity policy based on GDPR and other data protection regulations. The internal integrity policy applies to all of the Vasakronan Group operation and all employees. Vasakronan also has a registry of all of the group's personal data processing. If you desire further and/or more specific information beyond what is supplied on this page you are welcome to contact us.

This information applies generally and i many cases more specific information is provided in agreements or in other ways in other engagement with the Vasakronan Group. Such information applies as an addition to, and in some cases in change of, the information below. You can find directed information below specific headlines below.

See all of the integrity- and personal data collection policies of Vasakronan here